We all procrastinate. We put off making that colonoscopy appointment, dinner with an overbearing friend, difficult meeting with a colleague or going to the gym

Roughly four years ago, I finished a documentary about the Wisconsin Indian Child Welfare Act. About that same time I met Ted Goeden and was captivated by his storytelling.

Ted was playing tuba in a small combo at Bull Falls Brewery in Wausa

u, Wisconsin the night we met...

Creating a virtual tour takes creativity and teamwork. Read more about our award winning project.

Life get busy, and sometimes certain things get left behind, dusty but not forgotten. Take time to reclaim and revive them.

Here are a few quick tips on how to enjoy a bountiful work life - and the beauty of the summer months. It's all about balance.

Giving birth to creative writing is one thing. Sending it out into the world is another. Have faith. You can do it.

Quick glimpse into creating a virtual tour.

Sally started a new business selling seashell necklaces. She embarked on this adventure with an abundance of confidence - and a tiny budget. Her allocation for advertising was sadly small, yet she needed to get the word out about her amazing shell creations. 


When we start a new video project, we know that it will involve writing a script. It’s just foolish to go into production armed only with a vague idea of what you hope to get. It’s about as advisable as trying to build a house without a blueprint.

Our first step in the...

Tips on getting great voice work for your video project.

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May 15, 2017

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