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Clear Communication for a Smooth Project

When managing a project for a client, clear communication is critical for success. That means that

details and budgets are all spelled out between you and your customer including

  • budget,

  • mutual responsibilities,

  • deliverables

  • and deadlines.

It also means taking the time to check in with them and give them regular status updates, or ask for clarification if questions arise - not just barrelling ahead fueled by assumptions. (We all know what happens when we assume...)

Clear communication is also key when working with subcontractors. You need to be able to accurately and concisely explain what their duties and deadlines are, and what the budget will and will not allow.

If you take the time up front to create well-defined expectations and keep the lines of communication open and flowing well, you’ll have a smooth project.

Susan Reetz, of Clear Focus Media, LLC, is a writer/director/producer for film, video, web and print. Her scriptwriting and producing work has earned numerous local, national, and international awards. She also writes feature articles, brochure copy, news releases, web copy, and other promotional materials. She can be reached at 715-212-6239 or Susan@ClearFocus.Media.


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