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Dusting Off the Blog

Sometimes, despite best intentions, we get sidetracked. That happened to me. For about two years.

See, my husband and I were fostering two amazing little girls. They recently moved on to a permanent home, and now that I have access to significantly more time, I thought I'd mosey over to take a look at my blog. Yikes! It sure got dry and dusty in here.

It may not look like it, but I have been working steadily, even though I haven't found the time to post an update here in a while.

I've been collaborating with the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children, Milani Consulting, Fox Valley Technical College and The Post House on e-learning content. We're creating four courses that will be available at no cost through the Community Oriented Policing (COPS) Office.

A documentary that my husband and I are underwriting (and I'm writing/directing/producing) about our friend, Ted Goeden, is almost complete. Shadow Collaborative and I are nearing the finish line. We're almost there Tuba Ted! Stay tuned to learn more about this 86 years-young tuba player who has been playing for 71 years.

I've been writing copy for the Howard Young Foundation's semi-annual magazine, Defining Moments. We are wrapping up production of the summer issue now, but if you'd like to see previous issues, you can find them (I wrote both issues last year after the magnificent Chris Tatro retired from freelancing.)

I've done a couple of websites as well. The most recent (using a Wix template) is for Spa Fleurishe, owned by the lovely Jamie Wirkus. We have a few finishing touches to add before the site goes live, but it should be ready by the end of the month.

I have made a vow to dust things off around here and get back to my monthly posting schedule, no matter how busy life gets. Happy spring to you. Now, go out there and get busy, and I will too. See you again in May.

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