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Blue Bird Project - It's About Hope

We recently started a new project with the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (National DEC). This is our third project together, and it is very exciting.

I have personally known several drug endangered children over the years. There were probably even more who I just didn't recognize as being endangered by a parent or other caregiver's drug or alcohol addiction.

Children growing up in homes where drugs are used, sold or manufactured are at a much greater risk of suffering emotional or physical abuse, including sexual assault. These kids are also often exposed to the drugs themselves.

It takes all of us to stay informed and intervene on behalf of these children. Whether you are a parent, teacher, medical professional, police officer, social worker, coach, foster parent, friend of the family, or have some other connection, don't look the other way. Step up. Offer help to the child and the family. Make a difference. You can provide hope in a desperate situation.

To learn more, go to They are a wealth of information and support.

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