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Honor in the Air - An Update

Scott Alwin in uniform with his wife, accepts an award
Captain Scott Alwin accepts a replica of his Distinguished Cross award

The life of an independent writer and media producer is never dull. I am constantly immersing myself in new topics for wonderful clients and causes. Including Honor In the Air.

We started working on this documentary about Wisconsin-born Vietnam War Army helicopter pilot Captain Scott Alwin and what it meant to serve in that unpopular war early in 2020, but the discussions began months prior to that. I met Scott's sister Pamela Fullerton, also a writer, when we both sat on a panel of authors for the Central Wisconsin Book Festival. While answering a question from an audience member, she mentioned that she would love to write the story of her brother, a war hero and potentially the holder of the most air medals in the history of Army pilots, but that she had trouble getting started. I said it sounded like a great topic for a documentary.

Now, more than two years later, we have: visited the Wisconsin State Historical Society to review documents and photos related to Scott; perused the National Archives; filmed interviews with most of Scott's remaining siblings, a friend from high school and college, and several of the heroes he served with in the 68th Assault Helicopter Company; done numerous presentations for Veterans groups; and maintain a fundraising campaign to raise the rest of the funds needed to cover production costs. Our next step is piecing together the story from all the interviews.

If you're interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Honor in the Air project through our 501c3 fiscal sponsor, Film Green Bay Inc, go to

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