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Looking Back at 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, we reflect back on some of the challenges and gifts of this year.

Of course, the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic is a checkmark in the challenge column. By mid March, several film festivals where our documentary Tuba Ted: The Man and The Music was set to show had canceled their events. Disappointing? Sure. But some have shifted their 2020 lineup to 2021, so, we still have a good chance of sharing our heartwarming film with audiences in the Midwest and east coast. And just before the shutdown, we not only showed at the Green Bay Film Festival (Wisconsin) but Tuba Ted won two awards!

We published a children's book, The Hero's Feet, early in 2020 and had several readings lined up around the state. But again, the pandemic brought all to a screeching halt. So instead, we did a few online readings with nonprofit organizations. We are hoping to schedule in-person readings this summer or fall and continue to sell copies online.

We had hoped to complete more research and filming for our current documentary project, Honor in the Air: Remembering Captain Scott Alwin, this year. But with corona virus safety concerns, we found it necessary to put most of those efforts on hold. We are optimistic that we will be able to resume our plans this summer or fall and still meet our original completion goal.

This year we've had the opportunity to work on numerous projects with great clients. We've produced videos and written copy for newsletters, websites, magazines and annual reports. Earlier in the year we wrapped up a two year project with the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children to create four online training courses. We are working with them again on another long-term project to create a mobile app.

2021 will surely have it's own set of challenges, but if it brings as many gifts as 2020, it will be a good year.

Thank you for letting us help you share your stories with your staff, customers and communities, and we wish you good health and happiness now and long into the future!


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