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Microlearning Anyone?

My colleague Kate Milani (Milani Consulting, LLC) and I worked with the National Alliance for Drug Endangered children to create a couple microlearning courses, and had a blast doing it. There's something about being able to turn a meaningful project around in a short amount of time that is truly exhilarating.

So, what the heck is microlearning? Well, defines microlearning as an educational strategy that breaks complex topics down into short-form, stand-alone units of study that can be viewed as many times as necessary, whenever and wherever the learner has the need. Microlearning instructional modules are designed to be consumed in about five minutes and address one specific skill or knowledge gap topic.

For our project, we created two short educational videos (micro-courses) intended primarily for online learning. The course shown below is focused on answering a single question: Who Are Drug Endangered Children?

While we have created in-depth longform online training courses for this client in the past, this time around we wanted to do something that could be completed in a few minutes from start to finish, and could be used by trainers as a means of level setting, or getting audience members a shared starting point prior to attending longer virtual or in-person trainings. These pieces can also be used in social media promotion to help raise visibility, support for and understanding of the organizations mission. They can also be used within longer courses.

If you're interested in creating microlearning courses for your organization, please let me know. We'd love to help you provide min or in-depth trainings to your target audience.


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