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Tuba Ted and the Trenton Film Festival

We are so excited to have Tuba Ted: The Man and the Music screen at the Trenton Film Festival. Due to COVID, the festival had to be postponed from its originally scheduled run in March of 2020. Lucky for you though, you can watch the entire festival from the comfort of your home.

Access to the films is very affordable. An all access pass is only $28.33. This allows you to watch all 53 of the selected films including local, international, and everything in between. Or, you can purchase a tickets to a specific block of films for only $10.50. (Tuba Ted is in the Personal Stories block.)

Films will be unlocked for screening Aug 4 through 31, 2021. Once you purchase a screening block, you will have 7 days to begin watching it. For pre-orders, this clock starts counting on launch day August 4. Once you begin watching a film, you will have 5 days to finish it. (If you purchase your ticket August 31, you will have 7 days to start.)

These screenings are available via your web browser on your computer. They also can be watched via the Eventive App for tablets, smart phones and smart TVs. You can order your tickets at the Trenton Film Festival website.

Here is the link to the trailer for Tuba Ted. And we hope you'll watch the entire film through the Trenton Film Festival. Thanks!

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