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Watching Documentaries

man holds dslr film camera on the ground

Do you watch documentaries? I do. I guess that makes sense, since I've written, directed, and produced several.

What is it about the documentary format that appeals to you? Is it taking a deep dive into an interesting topic? Is it a fascinating 'real-life' character who tells the story? Is it stunning cinematography? Or maybe a unique way of approaching a nonfiction story that makes it feel like fiction.

I find myself gravitating to character-centric documentaries, like most of the documentaries I work on. I find it fascinating to follow a person through an experience and learn how they were changed - for better or worse - by their experience.

Stranger at the Gate, created by Executive Producer along with a very talented team and nominated for a 2023 Best Short Documentary Academy Award, is one such film. While it did not win an Oscar, it was an incredibly well-made film that has stayed with me, months after I watched it. The story is compelling and left me feeling hopeful, which is what I hope for in a film.

I hope you'll take the time to watch it. Maybe it will stay with you, and give you hope too. You can watch it free on The New Yorker. And please take a minute to let me know what kinds of documentaries you like, and why

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