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Dreaming is good. Doing is great.

We all have dreams.

For some of us, the big dream may be reaching the top of the corporate ladder. For others it's finishing a degree or finding an investor for a passion project, or maybe even starting a new business.

Dreams are good. They get the wheels turning. But without action, dreams are useless.

So, how do you turn dreaming into doing?

First, pick a dream that really matters to you. If you're going to invest time, thought and energy to this dream, it should be one that you hold dear.

Then clearly envision the end result.

  • What is the goal?

  • What is the cost in time and money?

  • Who can contribute resources to help you make this dream a reality?

  • Who can you rely on to cheer you on, all the way to the finish line?

  • What will you gain in the end?

  • How will you feel when you reach your dream?

Next, outline the steps you will take to make your dream a reality. Assign yourself deadlines for major accomplishments along the way. Make yourself accountable. Maybe even enlist a family member or friend to help keep you accountable. Then follow your plan and move toward actualization, and don't forget to celebrate your progress as you go.

Dream big and do it. Success is yours. You just have to make it happen.

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