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Have You Seen The Hero's Feet?

Earlier this month I received the first 50 copies of my children's book, The Hero's Feet. I wrote the story a few years ago. Several months ago I met Jessica Kopecky, a very talented graphic designer and illustrator, and I decided to collaborate with her and turn the story into a children's book.

The Hero's Feet tells the tale of a boy named Ten Towes, the tenth of 12 children who, along with their parents, live on a farm and raise beans. Ten has an odd growth spurt in his thirteenth year, and it causes him some serious challenges. But when drought threatens to destroy the crops leaving the family and townspeople hungry, Ten gets creative, turns his challenge into a boon, and steps outside his comfort zone to make a difference.

This simple story was brought to visual life through Jessica's illustrations. And I have to say, she was a true pleasure to work with. Creative. Engaged. Collaborative. And highly creative.

You can see more of Jessica's work at

My plan is to write a story for each of the Towes siblings, highlighting their unique challenges and gifts. I'm not sure yet whether I will publish them as separate books or all together in one book. But for now, I am having fun with The Hero's Feet, sharing the story (and hopefully inspiring) children and adults alike.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of The Hero's Feet, please send us an email or call to place your order. The price is $15 plus $2 for shipping.

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